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I'm Midori Egawa

Japanese Voiceover Artist
Radio Personality

Event Emcee

meet you!

Nice to



Recorded the podcast radio show introduction voiceover for 'Kotoba Land'


Recorded VR Factory Tour Video Voiceover for Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Recorded SNS Video Voiceover for 'Gin no Sara' Sushi Delivery




Japanese Voiceover Artist /

Radio Personality /

Event Emcee

Midori Egawa

Born in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. Lives in Kanto region.

After working as a public relations (PR) professional in tech companies, I am now working as a freelancer, specializing in Voiceover, Event Emcee, and Radio Personality.

My strength lies in "adaptability" cultivated through experience working in a tech companies and hosting hundreds of live broadcasts. I love supporting individuals by using my "voice" to help them convey their thoughts.

My hobbies are art appreciation, cats and cooking.



Event Emcee / Radio Personality

With experience in hosting over 500 live broadcasts, I can respond flexibly to suit any situation. I specialize in hosting a diverse range of events, including weddings, parties, anniversaries, seminars, and character shows. Additionally, I am capable of hosting radio and podcasts as well. While I am based in the Kanto region, I am able to travel anywhere upon your request.

Japanese Voiceover

I deliver a voice that is authentic, trustworthy and approachable. I have earned a solid reputation for my stable voiceover readings.

I'm Here to Respond!

"I would like to ask someone who has business knowledge to host our seminars or stakeholder's meetings."

"I want a voice-over with a calm and trustworthy voice."

"I want to start a podcast or YouTube, but I want an Emcee who can makes it easy for me to talk."

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have through the Inquiry form.

Customer Testimonials

Wonderful narrator.

We commissioned her to narrate an educational video featuring our book "The Logic of Art". It was incredibly helpful that, during the meeting, she proposed various narration styles, enabling us to request the precise narration we had in mind.

Yoko Aoki, Promotion Team Leader at OCHABI artgym

She elevated my podcast beyond my imagination!

I wanted to start a podcast and offered her to be the host. Not only did she create an atmosphere that made it easy for me to talk, but she also actively made suggestions and shared listener comments, which exceeded my expectations.

Takashi Sumida, CEO at midnight sun, Inc./Editor

Undoubtedly, her skill is exceptional, but also her personality is captivating

She hosts our radio program which summarizes the day’s news. In addition to her radio presenting skill, her “personality” is captivating that she has a strong sense of responsibility for broadcasting but also she really brightens up the atmosphere.

Genichiro Watanabe, Producer of Voicy, Inc.

She handled last-minute changes adeptly

We have entrusted her with video narrations and event hosting for many times. Even when there are last-minute changes to the hosting scripts, she consistently handles them seamlessly, allowing us to proceed the event without any worry. Also, her fully equipped home studio is a valuable asset for narration recording.

Kiyomasa Yoshii, Executive Officer at 会計バンク, Inc.

She significantly enhanced the quality of our live program

I requested her to host our online live streaming class, where she significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of our sessions. She adeptly rephrased the teachers' words into simpler terms, establishing a smooth rhythm. Additionally, her cheerful and bright voice adds a brilliant touch to the overall experience.

CEO at 研修事業, Inc.

There are few announcers who can “listen” like her

There are a lot of announcers who “talks”. However, there are few announcers who “listens”. I’m currently taking a podcast with her. She listens to my talk and dive deeper into the topic which makes the show more exciting. This is possible because she is a great listener. And I believe that it makes her shine as an announcer.

Yasumasa Maeda. President of 未來交創, Inc.


Hosted Live Emcee,



・NHK University Broadcasting Cup, Announcing Division - Runner-up

■Japanese Voiceover

・Art History Educational Video "Logic of Art", OCHABI artgym
・Introduction Video for Web Media "I am", 大和書房, Inc.
・Introduction Video for "Iwachiku", おせちやのおせち
・Company Introduction Video, マーケットエンタープライズ, Inc.
・Invoice System Introduction Video, 会計バンク, Inc.
・Into for "わたしの決断物語" on FM Radio KITAQ
・YouTube Voice Over for "わたしの決断物語"
​・Intro & Outro for "人生百貨店" on Spotify Radio

■Event Emcee
・Hosted 500+ live lessons for online live learning service "Schoo"

・Seminar organized by Hewlett Packard Japan, G.K.

・Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Management Forum 2023

・Internal event organized by Hitachi Construction Machinery

・Capgemini Japan K.K. Career Fair

​・NTT Data Career Fair 

・Seminar organized by NTT BUSINESS ASSOCIE

・Seminar organized by ITOCHU Corporation

​・Seminar organized by HASEKO Corporation
・Fukuoka Prefecture-Hosted, Classic Fukuoka × NEO Fukuoka

・Kanagawa Prefecture-Hosted, International Student Consortium

​・Product launch event organized by Safie Inc.
・In-House Award Ceremony organized by AViC, Inc.
・Ubie Pharma Summit 
・Renewable Heat Online Symposium organized by NEDO
・Joetsu City's DX Initiative
 Online Seminar

・"岩手出身の先輩と話そう" organized by Senpai Database Iwate
・"若手のお悩み大相談会" organized by JSUG Next-Gen Boost
​・Tax Return & Invoice System Event organized by 会計バンク, Inc.
​・Celebration Festival organized by U-29

・WTW Yoga Event organized by ARIAKE GARDEN 
​・AEON MALL Stage Event
・Hawaiian Festival organized by Ponteporta Senju
・Character show held at Display home village

Anniversary Party organized by "わたしの決断物語"
​・Ueno Summer Festival
・Wedding Ceremonies
・Campaign election vehicle announcing, and many others.

■Radio Personality
・Voicy "毎日新聞ニュース", "Voicy Evening NEWS"
・audible​ "
ゆかいな知性" Global Career Segment
・Podcast "ことばランド"

・Podcast "亀っちの部屋ラジオ"
​・Podcast "頭がととのうラジオ"
・Podcast "人生百貨店"
・FM Salus "なでしこラジオ" 

・TV Asahi Ask Announcer Course Graduation

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