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Recorded Voiceover for Totteokiya's Introduction Video of 'Iwachiku'

Details of the Video Voiceover Request

I received a request to provide the voiceover for Totteokiya's introduction video of 'Iwachiku'.

Totteokiya is a gourmet delivery service operated by Ozzy Foods, Inc., with the mission to consistently deliver delicious foods from all over Japan and the world to customers. [Link to Totteokiya's website:]

This time, I had the opportunity to narrate the introduction video for the roast beef of 'Iwachiku', one of the ingredients from 'Osechi', a special New Year's dish available at the 'Osechaya' specialty store within Totteokiya.

Reflections on the Voiceover Recording

Iwachiku is a locally renowned brand in Iwate Prefecture, known to every local resident.

When I was approached for the narration, the thought of being able to provide the voiceover for Iwachiku, a delicacy I've enjoyed since childhood, was truly an honor!

On the day before the recording, I indulged in Iwachiku's products once again, fully energizing myself for the recording session.

Being able to contribute to my beloved hometown of Iwate through narration is incredibly gratifying.

Thank you for this precious opportunity!

Please watch the videos here:

・Supporting the pursuit of deliciousness, I had the honor of providing the voiceover for the introduction video of 'Iwachiku,' a food manufacturer in Shiwa-cho, Iwate Prefecture.

[Link to Video: 'Iwachiku Introduction']

・Unveiling the secrets of the deliciousness of 'Osechiya no Osechi' [Roast Beef].

[Link to Video: 'Osechiya no Osechi Roast Beef']

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