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I Provided the Voiceover for the Company Introduction Video of Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd.

Reflections on the Voiceover Recording

I received a request to provide the voiceover for the new graduate recruitment video of Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd., Inc., a specialized trading company for imported fruits.

Reflections on the Voiceover Recording


Funasho Shoji Co., is a trading company specializing in the distribution of fresh produce, importing various fruits and vegetables from around the world and supplying them domestically.

For our new employee recruitment video, we aimed to convey the dynamic narrative of our employees' achievements and progress.

In addition, for this project, I had the honor of recording with the respected Japanese Voiceover, Akira Kataoka.

Thank you for this valuable opportunity!

Please watch the video below. (I provided the narration from 03:55 onwards.)

New Graduate Recruitment】Funasho Shoji Co., Ltd., Inc. Company Introduction Movie【Specialized Importer of Fruits】


Japanese Voiceover requests are always welcome (Home recording available).

I deliver voiceovers for various purposes, including corporate introduction videos, e-learning content, commercials, voice guidance, and more.

Feel free to reach out to me through the inquiry form.


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