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Hosted the Hewlett Packard "HPE Discover More Osaka 2024"

Details of the Event Hosting Request

I received a request from Hewlett Packard Japan Ltd. to host the "HPE Discover More Osaka 2024".

At HPE Discover More Osaka 2024, we delved into the latest data management and network environment proposed by HPE at Discover More Tokyo 2023, specifically focusing on the value of hybrid infrastructure and modernization. The event aimed to introduce the next-generation data utilization foundation and network environment that support AI utilization.


Reflections on Hosting the event

I took on the role of both host and moderator for the panel discussion on the day of the event.

We were delighted to have a large number of attendees, making it a hugely successful event.

Moreover, it was my first time hosting in Osaka, providing me with a valuable and memorable experience.


I am always ready to accept event hosting requests for various events such as seminars, award ceremonies, recruitment events, press conferences, PR events, parties, character shows, and more.

Please feel free to contact me through the inquiry form.


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