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Hosted an event in my hometown

Details of the Event Hosting Request

I hosted an event in my hometown.

My hometown is Iwate Prefecture in Japan.

The Iwate Wakasu Festival is an event organized by volunteers and private individuals from Iwate Prefecture living in the Tokyo metropolitan area, aiming to propose ways of engaging with Iwate.

I had the honor of hosting one of the sessions, titled 'Connecting with Iwate through Readings.

I hosted an event in my hometown.


Reflections on Hosting the event

I served as the emcee for a session of readings. The piece I presented was Kenji Miyazawa's 'Yukiwatari' ('Crossing the Snow').

The readings performed by the guests that day were truly magnificent, representing a culmination of their previous works.

I am grateful for the opportunity!

I hosted an event in my hometown.

I hosted an event in my hometown.


I am always ready to accept event hosting requests for various events such as seminars, award ceremonies, recruitment events, press conferences, PR events, parties, character shows, and more.

Please feel free to contact me through the inquiry form.


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