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Recorded the podcast radio show introduction voiceover for 'Kotoba Land'

Details of the Video Voiceover Request

I Recorded the Program Introduction Voiceover for the Podcast Radio Show 'Kotoba Land,' Where I Also Serve as a Personality.

Reflections on the Voiceover Recording


"Kotoba Land" is a program that, in collaboration with text consultant Yasumasa Maeda, delivers content themed around "Opening Doors to the Future with Words," particularly useful for job hunting and career changes.

In Season 1, which has been streaming since 2022, we focused on the interesting aspects of everyday language and little tidbits surrounding it. In Season 2, renewed from June 2024, we provide content more specifically geared towards job hunting and career changes, sharing not only practical tips but also the fascinating aspects of language.

Rather than providing a manual on what to do in certain situations, we aim to help you utilize the background knowledge of words in your entry sheets, performance sheets, interviews, and more.

The program is about 10 minutes long and is released every Monday. Please enjoy!


Japanese Voiceover requests are always welcome (Home recording available).

I deliver voiceovers for various purposes, including corporate introduction videos, e-learning content, commercials, voice guidance, and more.

Feel free to reach out to me through the inquiry form.


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