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Recorded VR Factory Tour Video Voiceover for Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Details of the Video Voiceover Request

I received a request from Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd. to record the narration for their VR factory tour video.

Reflections on the Voiceover Recording

Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a recycling company that reprocesses iron scrap using electric furnaces.

They produce steel products from iron scrap generated from building and automobile demolition, as well as various factories.

I had the privilege of participating as a narrator in a unique initiative called a virtual factory tour this time.

On the recording day, all the employees kindly watched over us, enabling us to proceed smoothly with the recording.


Please watch the video here!


Japanese Voiceover requests are always welcome (Home recording available).

I deliver voiceovers for various purposes, including corporate introduction videos, e-learning content, commercials, voice guidance, and more.

Feel free to reach out to me through the inquiry form.


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