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Recorded SNS Video Voiceover for 'Gin no Sara' Sushi Delivery

Details of the Video Voiceover Request

I received a request to record the SNS video voiceover for Gin no Sara.

Reflections on the Voiceover Recording

An incredibly unique April Fool's video featuring drones and mountaintops!

I provided a voiceover that conveyed a sense of immersion.

The response was positive, with comments like 'elaborate' and 'almost believed it!' even from X. It was a delight to be involved in such a creative project!


Please watch the video here 🍣


Japanese Voiceover requests are always welcome (Home recording available).

I deliver voiceovers for various purposes, including corporate introduction videos, e-learning content, commercials, voice guidance, and more.

Feel free to reach out to me through the inquiry form.


#sushi #Mt.Fuji #April fool

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